Monday, January 17, 2005

Beautiful Athena

Today marks the two year anniversary of the untimely deletion of my Athena account. *A lone tear traces its path down my cheek.* I'd felt that for many students, their Athena account was the priviledge the possession of which made them most feel a connection to MIT, and only after it was gone did they feel as though their college identity was truly in the past. For that, I think that the MIT administration would be smart to allow graduates to keep their accounts, perhaps with a reduced quota and constricted file-system rights, indefinitely. What would it cost to host a few more non-critical servers, ones that do not need guaranteed uptime or instant service? And how much more donation money would the school receive from a fleet of alums who feel a still vibrant link to their alma mater?


Yellow Blade said...
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Anonymous said...

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