Sunday, October 17, 2004


During the fall of my first year in college, when I lived in the chill daytime and long dusks of a New England fall, I bought a "Best of Techno" collection that among other things had a CD with one long mix of strange, eclectic electronic music. I used to listen to this mix as I was going to bed, and being as tired as I was, after ten or fifteen minutes of the track had played I'd begin to drift off to sleep and dream would mingle with the music, imbuing it with the subtle connotations and significance of those visions; by the end of that first semester, the mix had come to represent a journey into a peculiar land through which I'd never gotten very far, having always fallen into oblivion before the CD could finish. I would only listen to it when I was going to bed, thinking somehow that each part of the track contained its own mysteries that would be lost if I heard it fully awake, when my mind was more rigid.

Still I haven't heard the mix through to the end.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Auto Repair

In Wyandanch, beside the LIRR train tracks, there is an auto-repair store named "God's Auto Repair": I should take my car there.


How did you manage to fix this old junker? It's a miracle.


I know.