Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Musical Inspiration

These were some requests sent to a web site named "Songs to Wear Pants To", which creates made-to-order songs. (And in turn I took these from a selection in a Harper's article.).
I think you should write a song about a man ordering a burrito and being extremely intimidated by the size of it. The music should be Celtic techno, or any other blend of two genres that would not be caught eating a burrito together.

you should make a song about how awesome Superdeer is.

you should write a little love song with male and female vocals, both of which you should sing. the premise of this song being that girl loves boy because he knows how much milk and sugar she likes in her coffee. and boy loves girl because she likes zombies.

I'm from Germany and I would love to hear a song in German. If you don't speak any German just sing some gibberish that sounds like German. But you should use the words "Vorsprung durch Technik", maybe to some smooth piano sounds.

I was wondering if you could make a song about a samurai flying on the back of a giant eagle? And if you could say "Ra-pa-pa-pa" really fast somewhere within it too.

make a song about a polar bear fighting a unicorn, preferably early 80s rap.

I think that we have some Billboard chart-toppers here.

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