Monday, September 20, 2004

Blank-Mind and Transport

Recently I began practicing a type of mind-emptying meditation, wherein I try to push out of my consciousness the spurious little thoughts that, if left unchecked, flit through one's brain ephemerally in a layered spiral, the connection from each to the next soon lost in their light dance. In my neophyte state, keeping them at bay takes an effort that lets me continue for only short spans at a time, but I have observed an interesting result of my endeavor: the odd sense of being in a certain place or time, brought on periodically by a scent or the air of a season or an oblique glimpse of a shape, that comes across one unbidden and powerfully, and operates at a level deeper than that which can consciously be recalled from memory---this occurance, almost like déjà vu, happens so much more often now than before. The emptiness of my mind makes it more receptive to these infusing states of remembrance, that normally to have to bubble up through conscious thought like stones. Old places and years come to me unbidden now.

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