Sunday, May 2, 2004

Guest Entry -- Pens

Welcome to Guest Entry #1 on Jesse's Blog.

Since Jesse does not update his blog regularly, I feel compelled to fill in for him in once in awhile - for the fans. I have been requested not to write anything "too girly". Too bad; my plan was to write about chocolate fondue and pedicures.

Actually, I will write about pens. For many students my age, there are few things that we have in our hands more often than pens. Some people do not notice or care about their pens; those people will use any writing implement laying around. I am not one of those people. I am particular about pens. I want my pen to roll in my fingers and glide across my paper leaving a thin, pure black line. Blue is too garish; globs, smears, or greyish ink are a betrayal. I use a pen to write notes and equations, things to do, and numbers to remember - practical things. My pen should be a pen of virtue.

- Special Gourmand J.

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