Sunday, March 28, 2004

Web Vigilantes

Reading an article in the NY Times today about people who have taken it on themselves to police the corners of the web, I followed a link to this site, in which individuals pose as (very) underage girls in regional chat rooms, and see what sort of seedy characters solicit them. They arrange for a place to meet, but instead of a young girl awaiting these men, they find cameras to take their pictures. For each "wannabe pedophile" there is a photo and, more interestingly, the transcript of the chat session in which they were lured into the sting. The gullability of these men is astounding: "Hello, I'm Nikki, an unbelievably hot and innocent yet decadent 14 year old. Do you have any photos?" (man sends real photo to her email address) "Wow, no way! I'm always turned on by fat, bald 45 year old sweaty perverts. Let's meet for sex!" Guy: "Sounds good to me. I always knew that deep inside I'm a chick magnet."

    Link: Perverted Justice

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